MPC History

​1912, 1913, 1921, 1929, 1952, 1973, 1977, 1992, 1996, 2001, 2002

These years have been hallmark dates when significant growth has taken place on this corner of God’s Kingdom.

​1912: A group of 13 people who wanted to form an interdenominational Sunday School met in the house that J.W. Terry (Mrs. Mary Cobb’s father) and his family were renting on the corner of Edgewood Road at the five-way stop. Space became a problem, so one class met in a Model T.

​1913: The Sunday School group mentioned above voted to become a Presbyterian Sunday School and to become a mission church of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montgomery. Preaching services were held once a month on Sunday afternoon; pastors from Trinity conducted the services.

​1921: The group purchased a piece of land on Main Street and built Trinity Chapel there; this was the MPC Sanctuary until 2001. Today, it is again called Trinity Chapel.

​1929: Trinity Chapel was organized as a church and named Millbrook Presbyterian Church.

​1952: The first full-time pastor, Dr. Benson Cain, was installed. Since 1952 and counting Dr. Cain, MPC has enjoyed the services of 10 full-time pastors.

​Also in 1952, an Education Building was added; it was attached to the Sanctuary. [This has been renovated and is now the general area near where the kitchen is located.]

​1973: MPC joined the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination.

​1977: A Fellowship Hall was added; it was attached to the Education Building. [This has been renovated and is now called Memorial Hall.]

​1992: The triangular lot in front of the church on the corner of Main Street and Coosada Road was purchased. [The new Sanctuary is now located on part of that lot.]

​1996: The Puckett property to the rear of the church was purchased. It included the Country Oaks furniture store [now the Fellowship Hall], a small house [now the Youth House], and a storage building [same today].

​2001: The new sanctuary was constructed, Memorial Hall was renovated to increase Sunday School classrooms, and a large parking lot was provided in the rear.

​2002: Services began in the new Sanctuary, which has a seating capacity of 400 (including choir seats).