​MPC designates at least 10% of its operating budget (excluding “Missions”) for Missions. Counting the budgeted amounts and other monies designated to missions during the year, the actual percentage normally exceeds 15%.

SUMMER MISSION TRIP Each summer, MPC sends a Team on a one-week mission trip to locations such as: Mexico, Phoenix AZ (Pima Indians), Bremerton WA (Lumi Indians), Fairmont WV, Adullam House, Ridge Haven NC, Biloxi MS, and Iowa City IA.

WINTER MISSION TRIP Each February, MPC sends a team to the Palmer Home for Children in Columbus, Mississippi, to complete general maintenance projects, as needed.

OTHER MISSION EFFORTS In 2005, as a result of Hurricane Katrina, MPC housed and cared for 18 evacuees for approximately three months. In 2006, we sent a team to Chalmette, LA to rebuild a house badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina; this house belonged to one of the 18 evacuees mentioned above. In 2007, two teams went to Chalmette and completed the rebuilding project. MPC is quick to respond to local disasters, as needed–for example, the tornados that struck Alabama in April 2011. As a church family, we support (either regularly or meeting specific needs) several local missions organizations, such as the West Elmore County Outreach Ministry Extension (WELCOME) in Millbrook, Friendship Mission and Church in Montgomery, Save-a-Life in Montgomery, and River Region Pregnancy Center in Prattville.


Sponsored Missionaries not pictured: Wallace Pouncy (Bolivia)